My name is Bethann Husband.  I was raised on a farm near Wawota, where my parents still farm with my brother and sister-in-law.  I have one brother and sister.  My brother is married and has a son and daughter.  My sister is not married and currently works at the university.  I am recently engaged to my best friend, Dave.  We are getting married in August, 2011.

I have been going to the U of R since 2004.  I have a Bachelor of Arts degree and I am in my final semester of my Bachelor of Education degree.  Other than school I keep myself very busy playing volleyball and occassionally curling.

I have never been very confident using technology.  I always attempt to work with technology but it does not come easily to me.  I use my computer everyday for facebook and email.  Professionally, I use Microsoft Powerpoint, Excel and Word on a regular basis.  During my internship I used smart boards, and data projectors.  I am beginning to feel more confident using technology in the classroom.  I do not always trust that technology is going to work as I plan so I try to have back-up plans when I use technology in the classroom.  I know that to be an effective teacher now and in the future I must use technology in the classroom.  New technologies have changed society.  Students must learn how to use the new technologies effectively and appropriately.  Instead of banning the use of these technologies in the classroom, as a teacher I want students to learn to use them properly. 

I am hoping that this class will give me new ideas and tools to use in the classroom.  I am also hoping that I will become more comfortable and confident using these on a daily basis.

I am looking forward to this class!  This is a brief introduction to me and my life and to my techological abilities or lack there of.

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