I have now completed one full week of classes.  After interning, I am looking at school a lot differently now.  Instead of coming to class and working hard on my assignments to get a good grade, now I am coming to class and working hard on my assignments because I want to improve as a teacher.  I am using this last semester as professional development. 

I was uncertain how I would feel in this ECMP class.  I am LOVING it!  I am looking at all of the tools that Alec is showing us in the classroom and thinking about the potential of using these tools as teaching tools in the classroom.  I am finding myself coming  home and sharing the information I am learning to others…”you guys should get a gmail account.  Google is so awesome”.  One week ago I never would have thought that I would get this excited about what I was learning.

I have also started doing a little exploring in wordpress.  I came across a blog that I have enjoyed reading.  This blog is written by a man from Regina that is travelling around the world on his bike.  He has travelled for over a year already.  He maps the locations that he has travelled to.  He is a captivating blogger!  I see myself using blogs such as this in my classroom to teach social studies (geography).  It would be exciting for my class to learn about geography by following someone travelling on a bike around the world!  I wish my teachers taught me in this way.  I think I would have understood the world in a different way!!!

Here is my attempt at linking mikeonbike.wordpress.com to my our blog.

I think it is working….woohoo!

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One Response to Potenial

  1. courosa says:

    Yes, it’s working!

    Glad you’re liking the class so far. There’s lots of fun stuff yet to come.

    The semester after internship is always a tough one – lots of mixed feelings about the future, and about learning. It’s natural to feel this way. Overall – just enjoy it. It may be a while until you are in this situation again.

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