Ken Robinson: Schools Kill Creativity

The TED talk by Ken Robinson, Schools Kill Creativity was very intersting.  Ken begins by discussing how important education is to people.  This is a good thing because because as educators we are teaching for the future.  Ken says that all students have talents and are born with creativity.  Humans do not get more creative over the years, we start out creative and grow out of it.  Ken talked about how we have a heirarchy of subjects in school starting with languages and mathematics and ending in the arts, in particular dance and drama.  The world is educating our brains and not our bodies.  Ken ends the talk by giving an overview of the life of Gillian Lynne.  Lynne is a multi-millionaire ballet dancer.  However, when she was young she had problems in school.  A specialist told Gillian’s parents that she needed to move to think and so she became a dancer.

There were several points that Ken made that have changed me.  The first is that children can be creative because they are not afraid of being wrong.  This is very true.  In school, how many times have I kept my mouth shut in my classes because I am afraid that I won’t have the right answer.  Our classrooms need to be an environment where students can take chances and do not have to worry about being wrong.

I was struck by the story of Gillian Lynne.  Lynne was an engeretic student in her classroom.  If she was a student today she would have been diagnosed with ADHD.  In my classroom where I interned, there were many students that were diagnosed with ADHD.  Maybe it was the disorder, just the fact that they aren’t meant to be academics, they are meant to dance, draw, play, etc.  Like Lynne, she needed to move to dance, maybe some of my students just needed to move.  I think of how I will need to adapt my classroom to meet the needs of all learners.  There are other ways to teach that do not involve sitting in a desk doing a worksheet.  I once taught a lesson about food chains that involved the students assuming the role of a food chain in the classroom.  The students seemed to get the idea of the food chain to a greater degree when they had to act as if they were members of the food chain. 

HOPE-Humans have a gift of imagination.  We need to, like Robinson says, educate the whole being.  Ken is correct, everybody learns in a different way.  Our classrooms need to be places where students can be themselves and learn in their own ways!

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3 Responses to Ken Robinson: Schools Kill Creativity

  1. Brittney Blakley says:

    Seems like a really interesting video! I completely agree that if the classroom envirnment is not suitable for students to take risks they loose their creativity!

  2. Brittney Blakley says:

    ps: Looks like fun lesson! 🙂

  3. Daniella Tiefenbach says:

    I think I have heard that story before and it does make you question what we focus on in school. I think that is wh ywe need to think about interdiscinplinary. I used drama in my social and health classes all of the time, to get the students moving and to have them demonstrate thier knowledge in different ways. I think that it is not only that the students have trouble sitting still, it is also that they have trouble expressing themselves with pen and paper, we need to give them a different outlet!!!

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