Are schools still relevent?

I think that it is an interesting idea, are schools still relevent?  As teachers, I believe that schools are relevent but maybe not in the way that they once were.  I think that schools are still relevent because they give the students skills that they cannot get through technology.  They get face to face interactions, build relationships, chance to be active.  Schools will always be relevent for those reasons.  Sometimes I think why bother giving students information about Canadian history for example.  Students could do a google search and find out more information about Canadian history than they could ever learn in the classroom.  I think as teachers we need to teach our students how to be literate and especially computer literate so that they are able to find out any information that they could ever need.

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One Response to Are schools still relevent?

  1. Daniella Tiefenbach says:

    I agree Bethann that schooling is still relevant because of that face to face value, but schools also give students other things. We teach them how to work in a multicultural society, we teach them the reasoning skills that they need to carry on a conversation, and we teach the reading and writing literacy skills to be able to use the computer. I think schools are very important. Yes, students can find a lot of the imformation online, but it doesn’ t give them that personal attention that many kids crave or the scaffolding that some students need!

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