Man vs. Computer

Jeopardy has an interesting series of three shows on this week.  They are taking the two top Jeopardy players of all time and facing them off against an IBM computer named Watson.  This is the ultimate Man vs. Computer….who will be smarter?  The series began yesterday and Watson and Brad are tied with the lead after single Jeopardy.  Computers have become an essential part of the modern life.  I am finding it interesting that it is even possible for a human to beat a computer.  I think the only reason for this being possible is problems with the programming because the computer should be able to answer any question immediately.

I will blog later this week when the results are in.  Will the computer be smarter than man?

Watch as Watson prepares for battle against humans!

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One Response to Man vs. Computer

  1. srcampbell says:

    I’m voting computer!

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