World’s On Fire

This is a video and song by Sarah Maclachlan called World’s On Fire.  In this video, she talks about how normally she might spend $150 000 on a music video but this one she spent $15.  The video talks about many different ways that $150 000 can be spent elsewhere.  I watched this video many years ago but it made an impact on my life.  I think about how much money I spend and how there are so many people on this earth that cannot afford an education. 

Watch this video and I hope that it helps you to realize how fortunate we are to live in Canada.  A place where getting an education is a right!  I hope that we can share this with our future students, to let them know how lucky we are to live in Canada.

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One Response to World’s On Fire

  1. I really loved this video. I know you will use this video in some way(s) to enhance your teaching. Wish I could be a fly on the wall in your class.

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