Interview with Charlotte

Charlotte is a friend of mine.  She is a homestay student in grade 12.  Charlotte is from China and she said that I could interview her about her education experiences in China and Canada.

Here is the interview!

Me:  Tell me about your education experience in China?

Charlotte:  I lived at my school in China.  We would wake up each morning at 6:00 am to be at our first class by 6:30 am.  I had five classes in the morning and three classes in the afternoon.  After supper each day I had study hall for three hours. 

Me:  Was this a good experience for you?

Charlotte:  This was not a good experience because everyone was very tired because we did not get a lot of sleep.  Often students would sleep through class. 

Me:  How were you disciplined?

Charlotte:  The teachers would send you home or call your family and tell them what you have done.

Me:  How did your teachers in China use technology in the classroom?

Charlotte:  The teachers had powerpoint presentations for almost every class because there was so many notes to take.  We wrote out all the notes.

Me:  What is the best and worst parts of education in Canada?

Charlotte:  The best part of education in Canada is that students can choose what classes they are interested in and wanted to take.  I have not found anything to be the worst part of education in Canada.

Me:  How do you stay connected with your family and friends in China?

Charlotte:  I use Skype every night to chat face to face with my family and friends.  I also use Twitter, MSN and Facebook to communicate.

Me:  What are your future education plans?

Charlotte:  I plan to go to the University of Regina.  I will take business at university.  I plan on staying in Canada for now and possibly for the future.

I found this interview very interesting.  I enjoy learning about other education experiences.  I am continually amazed at students that are EAL learners.  These students often succeed in education even though they go through so much trials.  They must learn a new culture and language and they are away from their family and friends for a long period of time.  I hope you find this as interesting as I found this interview.

Charlotte (lf), me (rt) at the Olympic Torch Relay in Regina 2010.

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6 Responses to Interview with Charlotte

  1. Thank you. I found this blog post most interesting.

  2. Brandee says:

    Hey Bethann!
    That was a neat interview. I love seeing the differences between different places in the world and how the education systems are run! Over the summer I had a friend from Germany visit, I will post that I think you would like the comparison.
    It is interesting how strict other places in the world seem to be when it comes to education. As we are working on inquiry, technology and creativity. When she said that they took notes from powerpoints I am wondering if the only type of instruction they got was direct instruction? It makes me think about all the different types of learners in China, did those who did not learn well from direct instruction get left behind? Did the teacher accomodate all students? It might be fun to look into different education systems further thanks for the interview it was great and really got me thinking!

  3. Daniella Tiefenbach says:

    This is awesome Bethann!!! Thanks for sharing it. It is always interesting to hear about education in other countries.

  4. Evan Neibrandt says:

    Very interesting post! I didn’t realize how different schooling was in China compared to here. I thought because of their large knowledge of technology there would be a few differences but it sounds like night and day for the most part.

  5. Kristin says:

    It was very interesting to read this interview! I plan on traveling to China after I’m done university.

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