EAL Students

I am taking a ELNG class which is focused on EAL learners.  This has been an eye-opening class because it has shown me effective ways of teaching to EAL learners.  One discussion that came up was about accents around us.  I only ever really thought about people around me having an accent and I spoke English the correct way.  I speak one variety of English but to others I may have an accent.  As a result of British colonization and imperialism, English spread around the world.  Today there are many varieties of English.

Here is a video that we watched in our class.  This showed me the judgments that I make about people because of their accents.  In this video, Mikey talks about how he knows how to speak without an accent but why would be want to because his culture and family speak this way.  I now realize that I need to accept all varieties of English that I come across because everyone is different.  Everyone deserves the right to speak like their family.

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2 Responses to EAL Students

  1. srcampbell says:

    I LOVE this video!
    Although it is funny, I think it is important to look at certain issues surrounding language, ie: giving one variety of English power/superiority/dominance over another… Especially in the classroom!

  2. I was in Canada last year and everyone asked where I was from, to really mess with their minds I would say Canada (even though I grew up in New Zealand). In some parts of the States people would have trouble understanding me even though English is my first (and pretty much my only) language, made me feel very much like an outsider. This guy does a pretty good job of whipping through 24 accents of English even though there are many more.

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