I have been thinking a lot lately about the permanence of the internet.  Last year there was a video posted of one teacher giving another teacher a lap dance at a pep rally.  A student at the pep rally recorded the teachers doing this.  Take a look at the video.

This video last year got me thinking about how technology can ruin lives.  This past week there was a new reminder of the permanance of the internet.  A student at UCLA made some very racist remarks directed at Asian students in the university.  I know that in both of these instances these people probably wish that they could take this back.  However, the internet is forever.  I think in my future classroom I will teach my student this lesson and talk about how to use technology and the internet responsibly.

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One Response to Forever

  1. lewchukd says:

    I think as the next generation of teachers we need to emphasize to our students the positive and negatives of the internet. Maybe if we educate them in such a way they will think before posting something that could alter there world and/or future forever.

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