Educational Readings

Here are some articles/books that I find helpful or inspiring.

There’s a Boy in Here by Judy and Sean Barron

This book is written by an autistic boy and his mother.  Sean has found a way to deal with this disorder.  Amazing book!  Buy it and read it!!!

Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson

One tagline of this book says “changing the world:  Peace through Education”. 

Greg Mortenson is a man that climbed K2 to honour his sister after she passed away.  While in Pakistan he saw children in a village where he was staying and he vowed to come back and build a school for them to learn.

I love this book!

Left To Tell by Immaculee Illibagaza

This book is written by a survivor of the Rwandan genocide.  This book talks about how stereotypes can turn into hatred.  In Rwanda this hatred turned into killings.  This book was useful to understand reasons why racism exists and the negative solution that can arise from this.  I think that the students in our classrooms need to be told about stereotypes and racism in order to correct these differences.


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